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One question worth asking is if this trend will be maintained over time as more people adopt the technology and get used to having GAI in the workplace. Remember how Slack, teams, and other "unified" communications systems would help us become more productive? At the time, several studies showed how this system improved productivity. When used properly, these tools can be a productivity boost, but for too many, slack/MSteams has become just another time suck. Why? Well, It is just another tool we have to check, and its pings are a constant distraction since many people are inclined to use it WAY TOO MUCH. And use it for lots of non-work functions. Will Generative AI/ChatGPT fall into the same trap? Will employees prefer to use Generative AI to test new pickup lines, improve their tinder profiles, and generate dad jokes?

In the long term, technology adoption is a psychological and sociological phenomenon. These studies may have an underlying bias toward people and companies that are early adopters, the first to try new technologies. And they provided incentives to complete tasks. What incentives will be used by your organization to adopt AI?

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